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Drought events are increasing, at least in Africa, and there is naturally more and more discussion about their mitigation and management. At the same time, the existing drought indices do not meet the special requirements of African drought managers. The water balance methods are far too complex and require a large number and many types of data that are simply not available. The statistical indices 1) do not fully comply with the fundamental requirements of the definition of drought, because they mostly consider only one or two parameters; 2) do not consider the persistence of the stress periods, and 3) require continuous data observation without gaps. In the absence of easy-to-use monitoring tools and methodologies, often rudimentary methodologies are used, like the annual rainfall amount. As even a few months, sometimes a few weeks of unfavorable climate conditions cannot be well tolerated by the plants, it is obvious that shorter period drought analysis is needed, which should also offer the possibility to be extended to annual or even longer periods.

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